New, official street names in Monte Santo Playa

After Hurricane Maria, ViequesLove decided to explore the process required to secure official names for all of our streets. With guidance from the local USPS Office, and with the endorsement of the mayor and legislature, a pilot project was begun to name the few streets in Monte Santo Playa. Through door to door surveying, the residents democratically selected and voted on the names for their streets, and by late 2019, the street names had been approved, funding assistance from the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) was awarded, and the street signs had been placed.

While COVID-19 restrictions had brought our outreach efforts to a halt, the technical component of the project has made great strides in creating interactive maps that will be made available to everyone with smart phones and computer devices.

Official celebration of the completion of the Monte Santo Playa pilot project

What Remains to be Done?

There are over 300 streets and roads in Vieques, of which, approximately 85 have official names. Simply put, we must ultimately:

  • Name every street in Vieques, identify every building, and label each with an address number;
  • Submit the names selected to the Municipality for approval;
  • Notify the local post office and the PR Central Government of our official names;
  • Upload our approved map to providers: Google, Open Street Maps, etc.;
  • Create our own application for residents and visitors; and
  • Coordinate with the 911 agency to integrate our data into their system.

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