Schedule. The process of outreach to the residents of the over 200 unnamed streets and roughly 2,500 homes requires a number of months. Our teams will schedule visits to neighborhoods and specific streets, and the short-term schedule will be posted here.

Street Identifiers. Because these streets do not have names, we have assigned two-character identifiers to every street for reference.

House Numbers. There are regulations and recommendations for the method of assigning address numbers along the streets. We are following the guidelines provided by the USPS and other agencies and have begun assigning house numbers before surveying the residents on any particular street. With the combination of the street identifier and the house number, everyone should be able to locate any home.

Maps. The overall island street map can be viewed here This interactive map will be updated regularly as more house numbers are entered and as new streets are officially named. Additionally, in the neighborhood section below, various static map prints will displayed for reference.


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